Oil Paint & Oil Mediums Guide: a broad overview


The pigment is actually the colour component and is actually a ground up powder. After the pigment as well as binder have been combined together, the thinner is actually added. A number of these paints have other additives in order to provide it additional properties or even to make it dry a lot more rapidly. These additives, likewise recognized as’ mediums’, can be blended in with the color or maybe they may be put on to the color once it is on the support.

Drying speed

One of oil paint ‘s primary properties is actually it’s extremely slow to dry. As soon as you have applied the paint, you need to have aproximatelly twelve hours to adjust it. Generally you will have to wait 3 days or perhaps so for a single coat to dry out before you are able to use another coat. When an oil painting has totally dried out, you will then have the ability to use varnish to it to defend it from other particles and dust.

Supports and application

The freedom of oils means they could be put on to supports in many ways. In reality, you are able to make use of practically any use to use the paint type to the support of yours. You are able to use oil paint to an assortment of supports; artists typically go for fabric, uniquely prepared paper, a difficult rubber or maybe metal board or perhaps even panels.



Oil paint has numerous benefits, which is the reason it has been the color of choice for a lot of artists through the years. The gradually drying time allows painters a lot more time to buy their paintings precisely the way they would like them. It provides much more time for implementing various methods, layering and blending. Oils present a much wider assortment of colors, shades and tones; when oils have dried, their colours are likely to be long lasting.


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