One of My Dream Cars-The Jaguar XKSS Sports Car


Jaguar XKSS – Performance, Comparisons, Features, Technical Data, History – a comprehensive review

from Classic to Modern

This was not aided by the reality that race automobile development was evolving ceaselessly and also, as a result, there was very little possibility that these twenty five products would see a buyer.

The conversion process turned out to be extremely simple, as well as the prototype chassis XKSS701 was rapidly created.

The last automobile was, basically, a D Type with elements both added and deleted.


Full width curved windscreen as well as 2 wipers
Rear view mirror

A perforated board over the edge exhaust pipe
Little chrome bumpers front as well as rear
Luggage rack at the back because there was no boot

In truth, it was a racing automobile created for the street, as well as valued at 1dolar1 6,900.

In reality, nine of the twenty five automobiles that had already been finished, or perhaps mostly completed, were damaged.

The XKSS was vulnerable to wheel spin because it wasn’t equipped with limited slip differential.

When street tested, its top velocity was 144 mph because, at that pace, it went into the white at 5800 rpm.


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