Overview of The actual TVR 450SE as well as 450SEAC Sports vehicle

An evaluation of the TVR 450SE as well as 450SEAC Sports automobile, covering development, features that are important, and technical data of this traditional vehicle.

From Classic to Modern

Production finished a year later on after thirty five devices had been created.

In terms of outside look, there was very little to distinguish between this particular variant and the 400SE, both remaining 2 seater convertibles.

The inside underwent improvement, with much better seating and uprated materials.

For that reason, by the moment production finished in 1989, just seventeen devices had been created.


One fascinating attribute of this particular variant was a large number of wedge shaped models had been subsequently updated, making use of the specification of the 450SEAC.

I’ll be reviewing in a bit of detail, in future posts within this site, the whole range of TVR sports automobiles which were showcased in the unforgettable era spanning 1946 to 2000+


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