Painting a Canvas That Lives and Breathes

What’s the true” sector value” of a painting? Just how does a prospective collector understand that a reasonable price is now being made available? All things considered, the cost could be negotiated,.. It is not like an automobile, a stereo system, or maybe a suit jacket which has technical pieces and could be shopped between retailers. It is only canvas and paint, right?

Often paintings come with little or perhaps no moving parts. Precious metals might be used, however, not usually-it ‘s merely fabric by-the-yard and pigment. Doesn’t’ audio that amazing, does it?


“The synthesis of fact and beauty… is the deepest and highest reality.” Ovid


Let us think about the job of those first artists, at sites as Altamira and Lascaux: they have been the elements of male’s very first recorded history. Their wall structure paintings speak to us throughout the millennia, although their supplies were elemental. Those artworks continue to speak human opinions, perceptions, the really milieu where first males and females lived. Those paintings today provide us an insight into a lifestyle, basal psychology, as well as the soul of early male. Those artworks were–as throughout the artworks have been since people very first paintings were an, dreams, thoughts, and created-visions exploration of just what it means to be man.



” We keep the eyes of ours on the stuff we can’t find: for the points which we are able to see are actually temporal; the items that are actually unseen are actually eternal.” two Corinthians 4:18


It is the perspective encapsulated in those early artworks that give them the true value of theirs, not the supplies with which they’re made. Then as today, it’s the substance which provides the immaterial form and significance, and which provides any painting its price. Paintings allow us to see much more than the apparent, to break totally free of the prejudices of ours, to raise the thoughts of ours. The author Charlotte Bronte shown this capability of the artist to support us “see” on a greater plane: “I consider to stay away from looking backward or forward, as well as attempt to continue searching upward.”


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