Painting Over Oil-Based Paint? Rules to Keep in Mind


Through the entire years, thousands of people have been in a position to turn the hobby of theirs into a profession. Many folks have managed to attain their objectives through oil painting. In case you wish to copy these historic painters, it’s critical to know exactly where to start. What paints are suitable for beginners? Exactly where do I begin? Below, you are going to find out.


The Paints of yours

Foremost and first, you have to gather the paints of yours. Novices are going to be a good idea to select pupil grade paints. Despite a lot of artists’ desire to buy a bucket ton of paint, this is not needed. Actually, it’s generally better to stay with the 3 main styles, red, blue and yellow. By driving yourself to work with this minimal palette, you are going to increase the ability of yours to combine colors and the paintings of yours will maintain the harmony of theirs. Keep in mind that you will also have to have a titanium white. Black color is optional.

The Canvas of yours – Start Small

Nearly every painter begins with the aim of producing substantial works of art. Remember you are not Claude Monet just yet! Rather, you need to take the time of yours and start small. With this particular blend, you are going to be in a position to paint a little paint every day for a couple of days or perhaps so.

Over time with persistence, the skills of yours will start enhancing. You will learn to deal with the paint, you will have a clear understanding of paint mixing as well as your little paintings will appear progressively better every time.

Your work Space

Many brand new painters are going to lock themselves out in the studios of theirs. Though this’s fine for some time, you need to also grow the horizons of yours. Get outdoors and paint from lifestyle. It does not change anything in case you live in the community or perhaps in the center of nowhere. By using the imagination of yours, you are going to be in a position to explore gorgeous compositions all near you. Keep in mind that Andy Warhol’s most popular work is actually a Campbell’s Soup Can therefore do not hesitate to experiment.

Try Styles that are Different

At this stage, you need to be familiar using a couple of painting styles. Thus, you should not hesitate to experiment with every one of these styles. Spend a couple of days with a single style, before transitioning to the next. With time, you are going to find a style that fits the fancy of yours probably the best.

Experiment with Different Techniques

Lastly, you need to open yourself up to brand new ideas. Try glazing as well as scumbling. Additionally, do not be scared to leave a huge glob of color on the fabric, in case it feels right. By mastering these strategies, you are going to know what very small changes could be made to perfect the pieces of yours.


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