Photography 101: How to Take Good Pictures

A picture is worth a 1000 Words

Photography could be a far more powerful and reasonably low-cost option to painting or drawing, but a lot more thought and perception goes right into a painting compared to a photograph.

Photography is fairly easy in comparison to painting, which happens to be a more complicated task.

When offering with reality, I believe a photograph might stand for an actual bodily recollection of an individual or maybe object, though a painting produced from scratch gives the simple fact of notion to the situation. Truth is always open to a completely different observation and interpretation.


The content states Corot worked quickly so that he can catch the “underlying rhythm of nature” to create his landscapes expose the magic time of truth. In case this have been a photograph, the picture will be less blurred, and I will see a female, a few of trees, and much more defined colors. I would not be something from the photograph. I’d simply see objects.

When i hear that Courbet demanded the subject matter in the picture of his of many sittings, I will just imagine what they’d to think intending to attain such sorrowful dispositions. It’s particularly heart wrenching when the person painstakingly examines all the comprehensive faces, particularly that of the altar boys.


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