Pros and Cons of Space Saver Stairs

Space saver stairs are starting to be increasingly more popular. Additionally referred to as alternating tread staircases, loft stairs or maybe paddle stairs, they are able to offer a handy way of attaining an attic or maybe basement where a regular staircase would not accommodate.

The stairs are very lightweight since they’re created with alternative handed actions, efficiently halving the selection of treads required – so the general footprint of the staircase is a lot smaller compared to regular stairs. They are able to, nonetheless, bring a little of being used to. And so, are room saver stairs really worth having? Let us go over several of their worst and best aspects.

Benefits of room saver stairs


Convenience – Anyone that has at any time wrestled with folding loft actions will value having the ability to just go up a set of everlasting stairs whenever they want a thing from the attic.

Protection – As a fixed framework, space saver stairs are far sturdier compared to any ladder. Which said, the style has to be correct. As each phase takes much more strain as opposed to the typical staircase (due to the steep pitch), the treads should preferably be a minimum of 32mm heavy and produced out of a solid timber like oak or perhaps ash. Pine and related softwoods are likely to crack and so shouldn’t be used. Slip-resistant surfaces for the treads are crucial. You’ll additionally have to have a strong handrail, ideally on each side. Provided all these circumstances are achieved, there’s no need to be concerned regarding security.

Color – These stairs are made in a broad range of supplies and styles, which means you are able to pick out one to fit your home’s dcor and character. The cut away measures are believed to be by a lot of to be an appealing style function – and also you are able to also paint or perhaps stain them various colours for added impact.

Price – Because there are fewer treads in garden saver staircases they usually are less expensive to create compared to regular stairs, which makes them an affordable choice for home owners on a low cost.

Drawbacks of garden saver stairs

use that is Limited – These kinds of stairs aren’t meant for wearing as a primary staircase, but are just ideal for access to a single space like an attic or perhaps cellar.

Uncommon design – It is able to have some time to get to grips with the alternative tread arrangement, as you simply place one foot on each step. Several individuals think it is easier to start off on their left foot rather compared to the right of theirs, and the other way round. Lots of stair producers can accommodate unique preference, as well as arrange the actions accordingly.

Pitch – Obviously, these staircases have to be steeper compared to regular stairs or else they wouldn’t use a decreased footprint. This does make them a bit more difficult to get compared to regular stairs, which is the reason good handrails are particularly crucial with this particular design type.

How about creating laws?

Legal needs are generally interpreted differently based on the place you reside, for that reason constantly consult any nearby building management officer before purchasing a staircase. The primary factors to keep in mind are actually: The stairs must just lead to one space; they can’t be utilized as the key staircase; they have to be straight; you have to install a handrail in which the fall is actually in excess of 60cm; the optimum pitch (steepness) permitted is actually forty two degrees; and also you have to enable a minimum head space of 1.9m.

In order to sum up…

Space saver stairs may be a practical and stylish choice, though you have to do the homework of yours completely first. Measure carefully to examine you’ve plenty of space, speak to staircase designers and also consult any nearby construction management officer before committing to a purchase.



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