Raised Salt Painting – An All-Time Favorite Kids Art Activity!


What’s this method employed for?

This method can be used in order to offer paintings a basic texture as well as to produce specific colour effects. What you are left with is actually a lighter spot which offers a contrast with the darker color you applied. Using this particular method in a specific part of a painting is able to help provide that prominence to really make it stand out and get the viewer ‘s interest.


Will it be utilized with any paint type?

The sole sort of paint this particular method is actually ideal for is actually watercolour due to the reality that the salt assimilates the bath; the salt would not have some water to take in in case you had been painting with oils or acrylics, therefore the method will not work with acrylics or perhaps oils.

Will it be utilized with any sort of salt?

You are able to use some kind of salt for that strategy. However various kinds of salt will make some types and different effects will work better compared to others. For probably the best consequences, it is recommended you make use of coarse salt. The larger the portion of salt, the much more it is going to absorb. This particular method will still work with good salt, though the outcome will not be as pronounced as when working with coarse salt.

How can I do it?

Using this particular method is really easy. First have your watercolour paints and the support of yours and paint the spot you would love to include the salt to. As soon as you have completed painting, lightly spread a bit of salt over the spot you wish to be influenced, although of course the color has to still be damp, preferably glossy and pretty damp. In case the color has dried, this particular method will not work; in case the paint ‘s way too damp and you will find puddles of liquid all over, the salt will soak up all the color and you will not get the exact same consequences. Remove any puddles by carefully employing a paper towel.

It might have you a couple of tries before you receive the method correctly since you’ve to understand just how much salt to make use of to get your ideal effects. Try using the method in a place which is not too hot or even cold: in case it is way too hot, the color is able to dry way too fast, not providing the salt adequate time to be effective; it it is way too cold, you can end up waiting for many months for the color to dry.


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