Reach Base Level 99 Fast on Ragnarok Online


Ragnarok Online may be intimidating at very first glance. Honestly, that’s so anticipated without a few professional opinion from players that already tried it. This’s what this report is approximately. It is intending to get ready you on the journey of yours on participating in Ragnarok Online.

Number one: Job option. The ideal job option is the Swordsman one. The trick is actually killing enemies on probably the fastest time. To be in a position to accomplish this, you want the Magnum Break Skill, Fly Wings, as well as potions/fruits (whatever heals/cures the characters). To be in a position to become a Swordsman, you’ve to have your work amount to ten.

Number two: (Once a Swordsman) Where to level up to have the ability to make use of the Magnum Break Skill. To be in a position to make use of the Magnum Break Skill, you’ve increasing the job amount of yours up to ten. Go to the Spores for that one. Get that much Magnum Break amount as is possible.

Number three: Where you can improve the base amount of yours up to thirty: Go to the Poison Spores. The key here’s luring as well as defeating as a lot of Poison Spores because you are able to manage as well as kill with Magnum Break. Work with the potions/fruits of yours and Fly Wings in the process.

Number four: Where you can improve the base amount of yours up to forty: Go to the Orc Warriors (Orc Village).
Use precisely the same method used above.

Number five: Where you can improve the base level of yours up to fifty three & attain adequate task amount to become a Knight: Orc Zombie.

Number six: Change to a 2nd job as a Knight.

Number seven: Return to the Orc Zombies to improve the base amount of yours up to seventy. Make an effort to change the weapon of yours into a Pike and change the ability of yours from Magnum Break to Bowling Bash as quickly as you are able to. Additionally, rent a Peco Peco as quickly as you can

Number eight: In case you do not have very much Zenny, keep on fighting Orc Zombies until you reach base amount ninety nine. Or else, go to various other monsters which provide greater experience points until you reach base amount of ninety nine.


Number nine: Weapon choice: get that much strength as you possibly can based on the Zenny of yours.

Number ten: What to increase: I’d recommend filling up the DEX initially almost as practical. Next, perform the exact same with VIT. Lastly, spend the remaining points on STR. If there continue to be remaining points, it is your responsibility which you will wish to invest them.

Number eleven: Use potions/fruits sensibly.

Number twelve: Use fly wings for time efficiency.



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