Reality Doesn’t Exist If You Are Not Looking at It


Gone are actually the time where the use of a painted figure was achieving as life like a job as you possibly can. We’ve photography to recreate the everyday life and ideal figure.

Hyper-realism is actually a skilled art, though it is able to often lack gumption, passion, and the soul that makes contemporary portrait painting impressive.


Art is about sending a strong mental essence through color and space. A superficial likeness is actually eliminated from many of this and lacks the curiosity as well as attractiveness of what we call art form.

But as all of us know, art is awfully difficult to explain. Everyone tries it, so no one has got it quite right to sell. The one thing we are able to do is actually look to artists to keep on making it.

The trick is actually walking a line between inhaling the functions of humanity and producing a realm here in which colors as well as styles come together into an intriguing mix of constant existence. Truth is actually a funny thing, since it’s up to the notion of the person.

Nevertheless, the question of what “attractive” is actually could be an impossible body. The main reason this particular debate persists centuries later is simply because “attractive” is strictly subjective.

The one real truth about design is actually it’s led by emotion as well as an irresistible demand for the man spirit to represent itself. There’s a strong desire to find out what truly is inside of us.

This way, portraits and realism are actually a method of representing what we truly see. You’ll find things that simply cannot be sensed from a photograph. Artists focus on showing the reality that we can’t see. It’s more a truth that people are able to think and experience without actually seeing.

In case you can bottle up a portion of the human soul, and toss it across a fabric, that’s what the contemporary art of ours will are like.


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