Replaceing Petrol and Diesel Engine Timing Belts or Chains Easily Without Special Locking Kits


Replacing timing belts or perhaps chains could be demanding to change. A number of these look complicated to change, particularly on sixteen valve variants. Many manuals suggest the usage of timing lock systems. The majority of the time these are not necessary for timing belt replacing. But are actually necessary when the belt has snapped creating inner motor damage.

When you begin it’s paramount you build in case the motor features a floating crank pulley. And could in case not addressed cause catastrophic motor damage.

This’s a guide as well as not automobile certain so several variations might be discovered with various vehicles.


So to begin. In many cases you are going to need to reach the timing belt or maybe chain which means you’ll have to get rid of the atmosphere package, coolant header toilet tank, and motor mount. Followed by the timing coverage or perhaps casing. Removal of a street wheel, wheel mid-foot liner as well as engine cover is going to be essential.

This’s now exactly where the intriguing part starts. You are going to need by the recommendation of mine a brightly coloured marker dog pen. Then finish the following.

In addition, mark top part of belt Top. This’s a reference for yourself when swapping the brand new belt.
Mark every other toothed pulleys the exact same including the crank pulley, regardless of it being floating or perhaps not.
In case the motor has a floating crank you have to mark the flywheel the exact same. Some engines you might have to eliminate a flywheel cover. This provides you with a guide mark when refitting brand new belt.
Now easily remove belt and change all manuals, adjustment pulley as well as water pump if leaking or perhaps has a worn bearing.

Consider the old belt and spot alongside the brand new belt, marking brand new belt precisely the just like the removed belt. This guarantees once replaced all markings are going to be in precisely the same spot from when it was eliminated. Much more importantly you are going to know it is fitted properly and the timing is going to be ideal.
Now refit timing belt as well as tension observing advised tension methods. A number of vehicles as Volkswagen Diesel engines are extremely hard to install the brand new belt. This’s very easily solved. Prior to connecting belt leave bottom guidebook off until the brand new belt is actually fitted. Then just install the replacing pulley and stress.

Ensure all timing marking are actually correct. Then rotate engine 2 full crank shaft revolutions and examine almost all timing marks match up. Just the pulley markings are going to marry up showing proper timing. Other markings have to be dismissed.
Just rebuild in reverse order as well as test drive.


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