Sandwich Nation | The Story Of A Nation


Every day, one half of America eats 1 or even more sandwiches, mainly for lunch. They are easy, they are filling, no muss, without fuss. And also you do not even need to learn how to prepare. The varieties are limitless, so just where do we begin? It is limitless.

Apparently he can perform uninterrupted, as the bread acted like a napkin (rather compared to his sleeve) and also stored the card table tidy.

Let us check out these favorites:

Four) Sloppy Joe: children were raised on these messy and tangy sandwiches. Initially known as a “loose beef sandwich” it would seem Joe extra tomato sauce that cranked it up a notch; as its reputation grew, Joe needed to get recognition and renamed it after himself.

Eight) Peanut butter and grilled cheese or jelly, each beloved no-brainers.’ Nuff said.


Ten) Those Louisiana folk certain love the originals of theirs. The Po’ Boy is essentially a sub loaded with meat or maybe fried sea food, like the Northeast’s lobster roll.

Eleven) Oh boy, do not ask everyone from Philadelphia about Philly cheesesteaks, since they’re obsessed about them. Be ready for a long winded answer.

Twelve) Cannot leave out those great “bound” fillings: tuna salad, chicken salad, ham salad, or egg salad ; we corner the marketplace on students, whether they are daintily served at parties and teas or even only a huge older scoop on whole wheat.

Twelve) Pita sandwiches crammed filled with turkey, cheese, avocado, falafel or hummus; a fashionable ethnic take on the fundamentals.

Thirteen) Hamburgers as well as chicken fast food sandwiches are actually a whole other topic.


Wow, that is a lotta bread, basically. Evidently, the U.S. isn’t the sole nation that wants the sandwiches of theirs.

We are not actually going to start on sandwich cookies (Oreos) as well as ice cream sandwiches. It is too exhausting. A lot of sandwiches, so very little time.


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