Secrets on Most Delicious and Healthiest Fat Burning Cheese Steak

Those individuals that are actually from the Philly region will value what Cheese Steak is actually exactly about. Cheese Steak is linked with fitness and health apart from its nutritional and delicious value. Cheese Steak also ensures body that is healthy, fat burning and physical fitness.

This good food is really simple to make following steps and recipe simple as highlighted below; –

The first step is to get what is called Ezekial brand of sprouted grain rolls from any popular health foods store. It is the best option because of its combination of 8-10 sprouted grains with less wheat and without refined flour. However, if you can not find Ezekial brand of sprouted grain bread (not the same as whole grain bread) you can opt for the bread that is highest in fiber as an alternative.


Secondly, look for high quality grass-fed beef and slice it thin. Grass fed beef has larger quantity of CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid) that promotes fat loss and muscle building. It also contains Omega -3 and Omega-6 fatty acids. You can also use Colby, raw longhorn or Gouda cheese from grass-fed cows. Grass- fed cow/dairy is a great source of fat burning CLA.

Finally, top your Ezekial brand of sprouted grain rolls and the high quality grass fed beef with sautéed organic Vidalia onions and baby portobella mushrooms, both sautéed in a little virgin coconut oil which is a good source of healthy medium chain triglycerides (MCTs) and immune-boosting lauric acid.

In conclusion, with the combination of the nutrients in the sprouted grain roll, powerful antioxidants in the fat-burning CLA in the grass-fed cheese/grass-fed beef and the MCTs in the coconut oil, you have prepared the healthiest, most delicious and nutritional fat burning Cheese Steak on earth.


* The Italic Part Source is Google.com


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