Seeing is Believing

I needed to check out the effect of the pictures we use in the businesses of ours as well as the outcome of the pictures circulating on social networking.

“A picture paints a 1000 words” Frederick R. Barnard in 1921

I’m bombarded these days by all kinds of pictures. Whether they’re horrific or cute, they each make a psychological effect in the own way of theirs. For example, I usually feel manipulated when i learn that the’ today’s earthquake disaster’ picture going viral on social networking, was really taken five years earlier and at times even in another nation. Archive pictures of all kinds get re used to demonstrate a number of different cases, as well as public emotions get swayed back and forth by the usage of these pictures. In case we are not conscientious we can get emotional puppets, being brought on by whatever someone else needs to show us and needs us to believe.


This began me considering the pictures folks use within the businesses of theirs and the way individuals respond to them. Would using pictures which provide a definite, but incorrect, impression draw customers or even lose them in the end?

I additionally considered the way the pictures that we, and the friends of ours, put on social networking may have an adverse impact, or perhaps otherwise, on the businesses of ours.

These’re the conclusions which came from these specific trains of thought.

1. The Logos of ours

When individuals discover a logo for the business of theirs they usually stay with it. Nevertheless, companies shift and occasionally go down paths which were unexpected, but the logo remains the same, and this is able to get to the use of not really representing the present day business.

It is a great idea to have a peek at the logo of ours after a period and find out in case it also resonates with the business of ours, particularly if the company has changed substantially. In case we come to the realization that it thinks out of day then we should not be scared to upgrade it. The change of logo may be utilised as a marketing occasion to bring new attention to the business of ours. It is often a method of producing new interest from earlier buyers, and it’s also a way of teaching our potential and current customers that we’re a forward thinking and evolving internet business.

It is crucial we pick the pictures we use with thorough thought. Simply since we like a specific picture, it is not always correct that it accurately reflects the business of ours, and that a different one would not be much more suitable. We have to remember it’s our potential customer that must be reached through the picture, and therefore we will be encouraged to place ourselves in the shoes of theirs.


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