Select the Right Car: Car Buying Guide


From the experience of mine, autocross could be a really fun and thrilling sport. I’ve participated in events that are several in the local area of mine. I discovered the hobby to be really addicting too.

Out of all my various other hobbies, I feel the one is actually the greatest “bang for the buck” as much as thrills go with the car of yours. Everybody is able to take part. The great thing about this particular race type is actually you’re fighting against others in your category generally defined by the SCCA, nonetheless, you’re on the study course on it’s own so there’s little chance of hitting different automobiles.

The most difficult thing about autocross (aside from figuring out just how to race) I believe is actually finding the best automobile. Of course, you are able to use day driver, but that’s not suggested if you’re planning to take part in a number of occasions a year. Autocross is able to produce use on other components and the tires really easily and can get pricey quite quickly. I’d suggest to get a car that you are able to utilize for autocross. This are able to be a “trailer car” or maybe an automobile that you are able to really drive on the highway, but use just for that hobby.

There are four important elements to think about when choosing an automobile for autocross:

One) What car type to get
Two) The Cost of the automobile
Three) The general state of the automobile (if used)
4) Aftermarket upgrades/modifications

What type of Car To go FOR AUTOCROSS:

For autocross racing, many people will believe that the automobile has to be extremely effective, little, two doors and modified. This’s not completely accurate. While that car type will be good, it’s not needed to be competitive in autocross.

Keep in mind that the majority of autocross events & clubs have the automobiles grouped in to some class type. The club I take part with stick to the SCCA Class suggestions. The classes assist group the automobiles so exactly the same “level” of cars are able to stay competitive within each category.

This’s done to stay away from the fastest and “biggest is actually best” condition of thought. This’s the reason they do that.

And so, to choose the best automobile for autocross, you’d most likely love a coupe or perhaps convertible First if at all possible. Sedans are able to work nicely too, but several sedans aren’t targeted for modifications, though, the sport sedans of these days are actually beginning to take over.

Manual transmission will be suggested, nonetheless, in case you’ve an instant that’s Ok too. Once again, there continue to be “sport shift” type automatics available that are actually getting much better and better every day.


RWD automobiles typically provide better management and dealing with in many cases. I am aware some enthusiasts out there’ll take issue with me, but that is OK. On the various other hand, I’ve used many front wheel drive automobiles that run with the very best of them.


The cost of purchasing an automobile for autocross is usually the aspect for me. I, like a lot of others, can’t afford a pricey vehicle for autocross. There are, nonetheless, those that could pay for it and price tag is always a thing for them to think about.

This’s the range nearly all of us beginners wish to begin. Naturally, no cost is actually Good, but check out the 3rd part (overall condition) if this possibility comes to mind. Many automobiles that could do well and have a great deal of upgradable choices are the following:

There might be a couple additional automobiles that i missed that belong to this cost range. The strategy I use to hunt for automobiles are able to change based on the kind I’m searching for. I am going to use community classified advertisements, Craigslist. I’ll also make use of the larger automobile searches and increase my normal “hunting” region. I’ve effectively found great automobiles with VEHIX, AutoTrader also as Government Auction Sites.

But how about the autocross automobiles above the 1dolar1 5000 span? Well, I’m happy you’re believe that since I’m intending to list them below.

If you’ve a bit of cash to work with and wish to get something newer, you are able to think about the following cars:

This range is able to include newer automobiles at the same time as pre owned automobiles that are no greater than a several years old. The automobiles below come to care about in this particular range:

Special Autocross Kit automobiles including the V6 Stalker autumn in this stove also.

Today, this price range is able to change in vehicles. A great deal of these automobiles continue to be new and might require loans to buy them.

I won’t include things like a summary for those because in case you’re purchasing one of all those for an autocross automobile, you did the research of yours.

General Condition Of the Vehicle (USED):

You need the automobile to be fairly free of significant issues. Autocross racing is able to place pressure on the car’s frame, the brakes, the suspension, the tire as well as the general body of the vehicle.

You need to make certain that the automobile hasn’t been in any serious accidents. Frame repair or even frame injury could be extremely dangerous combination when you autocross. That’s probably the most essential thing to check out for when purchasing an automobile for autocross. I’ve encountered as well as applied the service by Experian known as AutoCheck. They provide an unlimited selection of VIN checks for 1 of their service choices as well as the cost is actually way a lot better than the various other providers out there. I’ve used it when shopping as well as comes in very convenient when you’re checking the story of a car.

The following critical product to check out on the automobile is actually big part problems including smoke coming out of the rear of the exhaust, huge oil leaks (small leaks are actually expected on the majority of used automobiles) slight/major overheating of the motor. Autocross is outdoors and you force the automobile to the limit. You need the significant elements to have the very best condition they could be.

I generally have a little expectation to do preventive repairs or minor repair on the vehicles of mine when I’m purchasing to autocross them. As I mentioned above, little oil/fluid leaks are actually “OK” and can generally be fixed really easily. Small leaks inform us that the automobile is simply utilized and might not be experiencing the leak as being a result. Large/major leaks show us the automobile might have been overlooked by the prior owner and might carry residual issues unseen at the second. When the automobile has an overheating predicament, generally this’s the time it’ll teach. This tip helps me stay away from several beautiful autocross automobiles that had an overheating issue.


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