Selling Hot Dogs at Events


Events are able to provide you an opportunity to create a truly great profit within a very short period of time so it’s essential that you maximize this chance by getting everything correctly.

However in case you’re just starting out with the first concession stand of yours, below we’ve set out some suggestions on how you can market hot dogs at big scale events.

Several of the tips and hints Below are real gems and so in case you discover that several of the content appears to be apparent just continue reading and you will get to the good things.

Get the Details Clear

Make certain you’ve details that are accurate from event organizers.

Additionally you have to find out exactly how a number of other vendors will be promoting meals at the event.

In many cases it is going to be apparent as to what people type will be going to an event. A rock concert is going to attract an alternative crown from a back garden festival which means you need to hold this in brain when putting a menu in concert.

Go to the site Beforehand

Wherever possible you have to go to the website beforehand to look it over.

Scale Down the Menu of yours

As you’ll be selling drinks and dogs hot to numbers that are large in a hectic atmosphere you must keep the menu pretty simple. It will restrict the time that people take to make decisions. It’ll also keep the inventory requirements of yours under help and control to reduce mistakes with orders.

It’s very likely that you are going to need no less than 2 individuals and potentially a lot more based on the dimensions of the crowd. It’s fantastic in case you are able to have one individual dealing with orders and money while the other group preps the hot dogs.


It’s very likely you’re paying a significant sum to be at the occasion so you’ve to ensure that the time of yours there’s profitable.

The best thing about promoting hot dogs at events is actually that your potential clients tend to be in a relatively captive environment. This might provide you with a lot of power to cost a bit more aggressively.

Where possible you must go for optimum pricing points that allow faster service. In case your employees have to scramble around calculating & getting together the appropriate change then you’re wasting time.

Spare Change

Ensure you begin with a great volume of change as it’s common for buyers to hand over a big costs for a small buy. There’s nothing even worse than operating out of change but not being in the position to promote a great dog to somebody that just has a 20 dollar bill.

Productivity and systems

It’s crucial that you as well as your staff focus on building a system so that efficiency is maximized. Each and every component of the procedure, from shooting an order and preparing a great dog through to giving over a customer ‘s purchase must be examined, refined and created to operate as smoothly as you can. View the procedure of delivering a great dog to a buyer at Costco as they operate probably the most effective operations that you’ll find.

Crowd Control

In a hectic atmosphere you are going to find you’ve clients lining up to purchase the hot dogs of yours along with other products. Under ordinary conditions a little line is able to be very good for business but keep in mind that in case it gets too serious after that it could turn folks off. Ensure you do not let your type get out of command. One way that is great to control a line is actually creating a specific line for anyone wanting to purchase just drink as you are going to be in a position to fulfill these orders faster compared to orders for prepared foods.

Some other Considerations

In addition, give some believed to the weather.

Working a great dog stand at a big event such as a sports game or maybe music festival is actually a totally new level when compared with managing a roadside cart. To get the most from the outstanding opportunities which events represent you should know how you can offer hot dogs efficiently and quickly.


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