Shawshank’s Very Redeeming Features


Occasionally, I come across tiny nuggets of info. Gossip is most likely a much better explanation. Trivia, I can deal with. But is it fascinating? Undoubtedly.

Today’s little goldmine of info applies to a movie rated as among the best ever. I am speaking about the Shawshank Redemption. Odds are you’ll have noticed it on TV or video instead of the big screen. Life can easily be that way.

But here is some material I think you never ever knew about Shawshank.

The film is really based on a Stephen King quick story known as The Shawshank and rita Hayworth Redemption. But obviously, King did not need the cash since he do not cashed the cheque.

Not merely does Stephen King have an overactive imagination, he even offers a feeling of humor.

Tom Cruise was extremely sharp but did not believe Darabont might pull it off due to the lack of his of Director credentials.

Freeman later describe it this means to justify his rebellion: I do not wish to be chewing the scenery. He has got a point.

Morgan Freeman was not exaggerating about doing small things again as well as once again. And also for the whole time Morgan Freeman had to continue throwing the baseball forth and back. Surprisingly, on this particular event, Freeman maintained the issues to a minimum, but did show up on established the following day with the arm of his in a sling.

Here is another slice of fascinating trivia. But who was the real individual depicted in the photograph? Was it Freeman as a new male or even only a random extra? The solution to that question is actually neither. The young male in the picture was Morgan Freeman’s boy, Alphonso, who liked passing time on set and wound up being co opted into getting a cameo role in the film.


So a hometown chemist was known as in to evaluate the quality of the bath to make certain there was no health danger. But the chemist found the water wasn’t only poisonous, it was deadly.

It was enormously admired by a male who’d understand. A male that was likely the most prominent prisoner in the environment and whose life wasn’t compared with Andy and Red.

The jail was created in 1886 but shut in 1990, 3 years before Shawshank was created. The jail was, at a single time period, earmarked for demolition though a team of individuals went about attempting to bring it. The reformatory is currently a major tourist appeal as you may well assume. It attracts much more than eighty 1000 guests every year. There’s a fourteen stop self guided tour you are able to take known as the Shawshank Redemption tour that has a number of websites of huge significance from the film.


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