Solid Food Feeding Tips: Starting Your Baby on Solid Food the Natural Way


My eldest and the youngest child of mine are 9 years apart. It appears this time was longer enough for the pediatricians to totally overhaul the idea of feeding babies good food. If 9 years ago I was claimed to begin with grain cereal once my infant turned 6 weeks old (even that has been groundbreaking, some other moms started the babies of theirs on solids at four weeks of age), with the previous kid I have the advice “start on food that is different, 1 at a time, but offer her a bunch of choice, and also by the age of twelve weeks she’s prepared to consume loved ones food”. I could not agree considerably more and was pleased to hear it since I’ve been an adept of the concept to present food that is solid naturally into baby ‘s nourishment for a while now today.

Let us create a bit of trip back in time. Some 100 years ago people were huge with a great deal of kids. I suppose feeding babies specific meal was unheard of. Mothers will not prepare a standalone meal for an infant and then puree it to ensure that it’d be simpler to eat. It wouldn’t happen to anyone. Everybody had to consume anything there was for supper, absolutely no exclusions. So a mom will hold the baby of her and consume with her on the lap, often giving her a bite or perhaps 2 of the foods from the own plate of her. By doing this the infant was slowly released to the household food.

I find this particular way to feeding babies really common and very easy to implement, ideal for moms that are busy with over one kid. In Russian language baby boards it got a nickname “pedagogical feeding”, instead of “pediatric scheme”. Allow me to give you much more detail.

When to begin?


Not earlier than six months. While every infant is actually different, and some may be all set before that era, you do not know for certain in each situation, therefore it is a great idea to hold out – much better to be secure than sorry! Moreover , search for the mental readiness: the baby of yours is going to become interested in what you’re consuming and will attempt to reach for foods on the table: a great indication that the infant is prepared to try out food that is new.

The best way to begin?

Put the baby of yours on the lap of yours when you’re consuming. Have a bunch of good options on the plate. You are able to also provide your infant finger food: a portion of banana, or apple, or maybe carrot, or maybe dried bread – something she is able to hold in the small hand of her and nibble on. She will not consume much, the concept is simply to taste it. Frequently after getting a micro measure a baby will have several breast milk to complete the meal. Don’t go over the quantity of 2 3 micro doses in the beginning. In case your kid regularly eats the same meal 2 3 days or weeks in a row, boost the amount up to 1 teaspoon.

Why start with parts of food?

Sometimes babies who were consuming just pureed meal had troubles handling parts of food. It’s difficult for digestive system at this particular age to cope with fiber, particularly in food that is raw, therefore it’ll transit the system. It will not do some damage to the kid. The primary goal here’s to get used to this particular food, to try out various types of it as well as to develop to break it into nutrients.

They’re also not the food everybody else in the household eats at the mealtime, therefore the kid will think she is missing on something. She will not be curious in the purees; she will be interested in the items in her mom ‘s plate. It is true that a baby is able to consume much more of pureed foods, but that is completely unnecessary at this particular point. Babies develop a “bank” of all food types their family members consume to develop their very own preferences later.

What food type to give?

Use common sense. The meals of yours must be healthy and have a number of things from all the food categories. Naturally, feeding babies with very hot dogs, French fries or maybe chips isn’t a great. Even in case you eat pizza, which happens to be usually not terrible since it has dairy, veggies, meat or grains and alternatives, don’t eat it 3 times one day – find different things. It’s a fantastic chance to change the eating habits of yours and begin eating food that is healthy – for the benefit of the child of yours and your personal well being.


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