Some Words After Seeing the Movie “The Shawshank Redemption (1994)”

I’ve seen the film two times. Each time I noticed it I was urged by the chief actor Andy Dufresne’ feelings, behavior, trust in life.

And so this can make him a really important male in Shawshank Prison ‘s cultural structure. And it’s also the explanation why he very first became familiar with Andy. Andy even befriends Red. He does it since he’s a big strategy in the heart of his. gradually the warden (Bob Gunton) started to be interested in him.

This’s clearly the true killer of Andy’s wife. Though the warden refuses him and informs Andy to dismiss the story. The Warden then simply makes Tommy killed. Andy doesn’t wish to assist the warden with the scam of his anymore. As well as one morning Andy is actually gone. Andy then takes the cash accrued from the scam (a banker’s income for twenty years) as well as leaves the town. The police try to stop the warden that commits suicide.

The theme of the film is all about optimism and also the potential of friendship. All of us need hope as well as friends in the lives of ours. It’s possible that presently there are actually these 2 points motivating us moving forward. There sentences stated by Andy impressed me a lot. The very first one is actually: You understand several birds aren’t intended to be caged; their feathers are simply too bright. The next is actually: There’s something inside, that they cannot get to, that they cannot touch. That is yours.


The third is actually: Hope is actually a great idea and perhaps the very best of things. And no great thing ever dies. I would like to say I really love these sentences. I am hoping everyone is able to see the film and I am certain you’ll be pushed to live hopefully and positively as Andy lives.


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