Something About Hot Dogs 

Among the favorite foods of mine is actually the widespread hot dog. I look at the frankfurter to become a much better tasting food then the even popular hamburger. Have you actually stopped to ask yourself exactly where this unusual food originated from? It definitely seems to be an all American standard meal as we conveniently find it at our baseball video games across the nation. Let us face it a baseball game isn’t complete without a handful of great tasting dogs.


American’s consume more than twenty billion of these yummy dogs annually. That is a great deal of very hot dogs. As for the title that we frequently refer to this particular food as – Hot dog, you will find a number of possible causes brought to light.

His objective was to “badmouth” the affordable wieners being offered at Coney Island while somewhat hinting that maybe they contained dog beef. Contrary to what Mr. Dorgan might have insinuated in his cartoon presently there are actually no canine components used in this specific wonder food. In reality, the content of very hot dogs is highly controlled by federal law.

The development of the hot dog today provides something for everybody. For the vegetarian they’ve the tofu very hot dogs.

In general, the famous dimensions for the normal hot dog is a regular six inches and they’re often offered in packs of 10. I am going to leave you finally with a single notion on the hot dogs.


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