Steak & Onion Grilled Cheese

Who can make the greatest Cheese steak in the country? I understand there are actually a lot of you from Philly available that have advertised the you create the very best of the very best, and you definitely do create a fantastic sandwich. However this report isn’t a review on Cheese steaks, it is how you can create an excellent cheese steak yourself. A long time ago, I went on a hunt for an excellent steak as well as cheese sandwich, and though I discovered numerous, none had been better compared to the one I made as soon as I returned home. Indeed, I know I’m a skilled chef, though I guarantee this’s not so hard and the key is actually in the simplicity.

The very first thing I did was going out and discover a great cut of meat which would cook fast and would be really tender. The clear choice will be a filet Mignon, but that is a total waste of cash on a sandwich. I needed to come up with this sandwich inexpensive and yet quite delicious. I settled on flank steak. It is not difficult to prepare and is very tender when cooked. You are able to also slice flank steak really slim, which is actually ideal when layering on a sandwich.


Then, I needed to locate a suitable bread. It’s paramount you discover a roll which is going to be smooth on the interior, but a bit crusty on the exterior. You are able to discover them in the bakery aisle of the market of yours.

At this point it was some time to begin making my Cheese and steak. For starters, I seasoned the meat of mine with salt, pepper, olive oil and garlic. I allow the meat rest for aproximatelly thirty minutes. I love my steak medium rare, therefore I cooked the meat of mine for aproximatelly seven minutes on each side getting a great grilled color. You are able to cook your steak more in case you want. This’s a really crucial step, you have to make your meat juices sleep before slicing.

It was now moment to slice the beef. I sliced it real slim on the bias. It was spectacular. It was looking great.

What I recognized in making this particular sandwich was that simplicity is actually the trick. The taste of the grilled steak on it’s own is outstanding. Remember, nearly all almost all of the moment, less is much more!


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