Still Life Paintings and Drawings Explained

Still paintings and life portraits defined earlier art periods and also supplied us with an invaluable look at historical lifestyle, in addition to the psychology of the people of its at the moment. Nevertheless, the improvement of technologies led to the prevalent adaption of cameras, and also as photography grew, folks started to give up the fabric in liking of film.

Every captured impression tells a story, whether it is a painting or a photograph. As well as in order to see the story, painters have the advantageous asset of interpretation and creation.

When it comes to contemporary still living paintings, you need to ask yourself what message you are attempting to convey. The key to a profitable portion does not lie in what you are painting, though the underlying subtext that audience will take away from it.

Subject Go Hand-in-Hand and technique

While choosing the best approach for the modern still life is actually crucial, the real subject matter of your task is just as so.


Imagine the Story

Ask yourself exactly why you chose the subject of yours. Upon very first thought, you might have just selected it due to its natural beauty. They key, nonetheless, is actually delving beyond the initial impression of yours and unearth the key of the subject ‘s appeal.


In case you think it is gorgeous, seek to determine the reasons why. When you understand the reason why you’re drawn to a subject matter, you are going to be in a far better place to learn how to catch it fully.

Mild and Mood

Every artists is aware that lighting has 1 of probably the greatest (if not probably the greatest) effect on a painting’s ultimate impact. When you decide on a lighting, you are choosing the message type you want to provide to the audience of yours.

Do not be constricted to dark and bright simply; light is flexible and may be utilized in myriad fashions.


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