Summer of Sequels: Five Current Movies | Are Original Movies Better Than Sequels and Remakes?


Looking at the great diversity and array of choices at the fingertips of ours, we people, as an entire, are inclined to like doing the same task a lot of times over. In case you had been searching for evidence of this, you will need not seem to much from the crop of existing films being served up at your neighborhood movie theater.

Ok, that is actually not that reasonable, but at exactly the same time, it sort of is. But will you actually blame film studios from transmitting sequel after sequel our fashion? Precisely why does this happen?

Therefore, in the grand scheme of items, sequels are not always that bad. For a period, nonetheless, they actually were difficult to stomach.

Things have changed, although, and audiences are actually being given year after season of huge movies. These films can also be driven by complex characters and well-crafted storylines that simply cannot be found (figuratively speaking) on the display, therefore the sequel becomes a very hot commodity. In reality, looking at the films listed below, some might argue that the follow up movie stands alone in terminology of anticipation.

Here is a glimpse at 5 current films & the originals which inspired them:

Jurassic World & Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom –

Dinosaurs, evil plots, as well as the ever constant struggle of humanity vs nature make these films well worth checking out.


The Incredibles & Incredibles 2 –

When almost a half and a decade goes by, as well as audiences continue to be blown away at watching how things have transformed for the titular figures, you realize you have got a killer film series. Try making these films a priority.

Ant-Man & Ant-Man and the Wasp –

Given that the sequel is woven between the story arcs of two Avengers movies (Civil War & Infinity War), you can tell the makers of this unique superhero franchise were ready to tell some serious stories about this minuscule powerhouse.

Deadpool & Deadpool 2 –

Nevertheless, almost as we are treated to bad language and intense violence by the anti hero, these films have a touching love story which links them together. By the manner, get acquainted with the phrase “fridging” – your post movie conversations will some ask for the take of yours.

Hotel Transylvania & Hotel Transylvania 3 –

What would you get whenever you mix an ensemble vocal cast, several of history & literature ‘s greatest monsters, and blend them with a relatively common trope of opposites attracting, and you have got the basic principles for Hotel Transylvania. The incidents of the third film in the franchise take place almost a decade after the very first, with family members turning into the overwhelming theme.

In that case, this might prove to be among the more movie centric summer months in recent memory.


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