Take a closer look at the TVR Griffith 500 sports car

An evaluation of the TVR Griffith 500 Sports automobile, covering development, features that are important, and technical data of this traditional vehicle from Classic to Modern

The very first increase was the higher compression edition of the four litre product, which incorporated a large lift camshaft.

Gas flowed as well as polished heads
Larger valves
Re-profiled camshaft

Balanced flywheel

Understandably, clients preferred this particular variant over the four litre standard unit.



By this particular time, TVR’s personal motor, the AJP8, was practically completely ready to be installed to the Griffith.

Nevertheless, following delays in creating demand, and the AJP8 for the Griffith continuously increasing, in August 1993, a five litre edition of the Rover V8 product, which had been created by TVR, was used alternatively.

All types of the brand new Griffith had been fitted with:

Ten inch vented disc brakes front side & rear


Nevertheless, in the long run, this unit didn’t get into production.


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