Tattoos and Piercings: Do They Belong in the Workplace?

Tattooing has been practiced for generations by many cultures all over the world. In most societies, both modern and ancient, getting a tattoo belongs to a rite of passage.

Despite each one of these statistics, tattoos continue to be not generally recognized in the workplace. A good number of companies don’t permit noticeable tattoos. Which means that large numbers of individuals all around the globe make an attempt to conceal the body art of theirs on a daily schedule. Workers working in such areas as overall health care, delivery, banking, list and the service industry usually have to keep 2 personas to be able to keep the jobs of theirs. One persona represents the master reputation they should project as well as the additional persona represents who they are.

A double identity would not be required in case tattoos weren’t prohibited in a number of corporate as well as institutional locations. Based on Burleson Consulting companies have the appropriate to discriminate against what are actually deemed “optional” look traits. Nevertheless, not all main companies restrict or even ban tattoos at the office. This does permit for a few interpretation as to just what a “non offensive” tattoo is actually.


Sky News reports that a substantial selection of hotels and restaurants in Sydney, Australia now are banning patrons with tattoo designs. All visible body art is actually to be discussed at all times in numerous famous Sydney places and watering holes.

It is able to have up to 10 treatments to remove darker tats with lasers.


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