The 10 most surreal landscapes in the world

Aerial landscapes

Some aerial landscaping have the viewpoint wanting directly down from above, therefore the painting’s no sky and all land. Artists journey in planes, hot air balloons, other modes and helicopters of aerial transportation to buy their aerial viewpoints for the paintings of theirs.



Inscapes are actually an artist’s depiction of the mind of theirs as a three dimensional space.





Although cityscapes are able to have several functions akin to landscapes – you may have a natural environment like a a park, for instance – the focus is actually on the buildings which make up the community.


Townscapes are basically the just like cityscapes, except they depict towns rather than cities. Like cityscapes, the concentration is actually on the town ‘s structures.


These concentrate on the sky and its various functions and formations. The colors of the sky are actually a major characteristic of the kind of painting. Unlike cloudscapes, skyscapes don’t always have to incorporate clouds or perhaps the land, although a few do.


Unlike skyscapes, cloudscapes are actually all about the make up as well as functions of clouds. They generally include the land as well as the artist’s viewpoint is actually from the soil looking up at the clouds. Although the acreage is usually provided in cloudscapes, the concentration is actually on the clouds.


Hardscapes center on manmade components which cover the ground. Put simply, hardscapes do not feature some exposed natural functions of the ground, like grass or soil. These may be extremely similar to townscapes and cityscapes, although they do not feature parks along with other natural features that townscapes and cityscapes might well feature.


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