The AC Aceca Sports Car Review

A comprehensive Review of The Ac Aceca Sports automobile, covering historical development, comparisons, features, performance, and technical data of this traditional vehicle from Classic to Modern.


The Ac Aceca sports automobile, launched in 1954, was a 2 seater, fixed mind coupe, as well as depending on the Ac Ace.

It’s been recommended that the entire body styling of the front portion of both the Aceca and Ace bore a striking resemblance to a part of a design for Ac indicated by the renowned Pininfarina in the late 1940’s.

Nevertheless, in 1956 Bristol automobiles, who specialised in creating hand made luxury vehicles, offered its straight 6 cylinder, two litre engine, equipped with 3 SU carburettors, as a substitute system.

It’d a near perfect fore/aft mass distribution which helped to create outstanding handling, particularly on loose surfaces as well as dirt path, that made it common in historic racing sectors.

As a result of the stiff suspension of its, the drive was willing to be tough, and there was an inclination to oversteer, though handling was still viewed as predictable and solid.

In 1961, Ac discontinued its unique straight, 6 cylinder engine, that had been created by John Weller, the company ‘s founder, in 1919.


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