The Art of Asking Open-Ended Questions

A rational person is going to agree with the first declaration. Human survival does not count on Art. In case you are an artist, you will agree with the second declaration. All things considered, you are spending a lot of the limited time of yours on Earth creating Art. But are you crystal clear in your own personal mind about exactly why you are doing it? Why paint instead of make art with words or even musical notes or stone?

What would you tell yourself and some about exactly why you paint? A number of responses may seem familiar. Let us get to the most common one instantly.


1. To’ express yourself.’

The painter’s objective is actually to become a clearer pair of eyes.


It is true, several painters become’ household names’ through canny usage of PR stunts, increasing coverage on social media or TV.

For painters, fame is dependent on the aspect of longevity. In time, however, all art is going to return to dust.

Real truth is actually, very few good art painters help make an income equivalent with accredited home painters.

Even when your job sells at prices that are high, the revenue isn’t a constant flow. This truth is actually recognised by governments in the unique tax situations which pertain to artists and farmers.
4. To give away your’ boring job.’

Mastering the craft will take time.

You have to be extremely secure with method as to forget about this as you develop ideas.

Which is dependent on consistent practice, often hard.

In the meantime, your bills should be paid. Best tip is keeping the day job.
5. In order to excuse bizarre behaviour.

A favorite perception of the artist is actually as an eccentric’ genius.’

It seldom convinces serious collectors.
6. In order to explain bad habits.


Best tip is actually considering music your’ drug’ of choice when you are at the easel.


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