The Cheeseburger and the Feminine Spirit

Thursday nights are the favorite night of mine of the week. The thing is, Thursdays I generally spend the day at the husband of mine, Jeff’s business office, getting the Coach Joelle pleasure to the staff at Webtego!

There’s usually so much to speak about after one day sharing the same room and sharing exactly the same interactions but coming from 2 special perspectives. With neither of us getting the capability to check out each other ‘s brains (I am currently working on getting the chip installed) and there not becoming the space or the time to speak all our opinions and thoughts during the day, this particular debrief is surely a lively discussion.

One particular Thursday at a nearby bistro, we’d just opened a container of wine and going on the crudites if the discussion changed from thoughts and work of our future to an interesting image across the side wall structure.

A lovely representation of the womanly spirit.”


“Huh?” Said Jeff. “What have you been looking at?”

“The picture!” I stated incredulously.

“Oh, I do not see that.”

“Ok, so what would you see??”

“Cheeseburger.” He stated matter-of-factly.

“A cheeseburger?”

“Yep, undeniably, a cheeseburger.”

Then again “…. “Oh hold out a minute…. Or perhaps perhaps a whale.”

And so goes lifestyle.

One individual views a heartless jerk, an additional considers a shrewd business man or woman.

One individual views a pushy salesman and an additional considers a top producer.

One individual calls it “rustic” the various other calls it “old”.

One individual calls it “fabulous” the various other calls it “flashy” or perhaps “obnoxious”.

The point is actually, we’ve each been taught in various facilities of art appreciation. You had been taught to really enjoy Monet, I was taught that Dali is actually the epitome of fine art form as well as still another person was told the single art really worth its paint has to be Modern. Naturally, we don’t see them as out viewpoint, we generally call our specific point of perspective, “the truth” as in capitol T, Truth!

Since I was ready to accept exploring a new perspective, there are actually 3 paintings for me to select from in which before there was just one. Not merely could I permit him to proceed to have the cheeseburger of his point of view without attempting to pressure, attempt or cajole to pressure him to the way of mine of seeing, though I can in fact thank him for sharing the cheeseburger of his with me. I thank him for broadening the horizons of mine and opening me up to brand new possibilities.

Is there a small bit of girly spirit hidden in your cheeseburger?

The truths of ours, the beliefs of ours and our points of perspective are actually part of who we’re. They guide the choices of ours and build the lives of ours and I provide that by being ready to accept a new perspective, by being ready to accept potential brand new truths, you wide open up to brand new worlds in what to feel create, play, and life.

Enjoying playing with the new set of yours of eyes.


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