The Difference: Freeze Dried Foods and Dehydrated Foods


Everybody has heard of dehydrated food items. But what of freeze dried food items? For some folks the phrase might be entirely brand new, or perhaps sound familiar but uncertain of the definition. Some might have also tried freeze dried meal without even realizing they’ve. If you’ve had “astronaut ice cream” before, then you’ve tried freeze dried foods.


When collecting food for emergency food storage space, hiking, camping or perhaps any other very much the same good reasons, it’s best that you know the big difference between these 2 kinds of prepared food storage space. Not merely will understanding the impact help you realize exactly how they are made, but enable you to realize why some procedures will be much better for the food types you want to store versus various other food types.

food that is Traditional drying, or maybe dehydration, has been in existence since old times for food upkeep. Since the comfort of refrigerators were not around, the sun, wind as well as air had to carry out the drying. By removing the vast majority of water, enzymes & microorganisms are actually inhibited, stopping or perhaps significantly slowing the usual routine of theirs of spoiling food.

Today, electric or solar food dryers could be purchased for your private house to offer much more uniform results. With the price of buying one, not to mention the point it takes to put together dehydrated foods yourself, these reasons usually steers individuals from that route.

Researchers discovered that by freezing the supplies at a particular point then drying to get rid of the created crystals, it will sustain its state with no refrigeration.

Now understanding the huge difference between the 2 methods of preserving food for crisis food storage space, hiking or perhaps the numerous other reasons folks fork over money for dry food, which technique is the most effective? As with nearly all answers to broad issues, the solution is actually: “it depends.” Each procedure has the advantages of its, and when worn properly, can easily provide customers looking to buy food storage probably the best solutions.

Traditional dehydration is more affordable compared to freeze drying. Without having the need of more costly and advanced equipment, basic dehydration will create preserved food at a less expensive value. Nevertheless, this method has more limitations, like the quality of several kinds of food ‘s taste and texture. Most dehydrated meals are able to have very little to other ingredients or no seasonings. When you rehydrate the food of yours, generally more cooking might be needed if it is a complete meal you wish. That is exactly why dehydration is much better for simpler foods like snacks, grains, fruits, and more.

Freeze drying, while much more expensive, could open the world of yours to several more chances for preserving foods. Entire meals with full substances, seasoning, etc. may be freeze dried together. Furthermore, just water is necessary to prepare the meal of yours once again, decreasing the demand for preparation. Nevertheless, with a greater expense, freeze drying might not constantly be the very best answer each time.


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