The Experts’ Nitty-Gritty Guide to Framing and Hanging Art

Poster frames assist us display our photographs, art, and posters in an attractive manner. While they’ve all of the functions of the normal picture frames, their layout is actually a lot simpler. So far as the definition goes, mostly, these frames are created for great pictures. Usually, their size is eleven x seventeen at a minimum. Continue reading to know other essential features.

Regular sizes


The border is made from plastic and a plexiglass which covers the poster. For simple hanging, the rear has a hook too.

There’s a function to put in a mat too. Nevertheless, you will not see two-fold matting in these frames since they are going to add additional weight.

Snap Frames


Snap frames is yet another good alternative. Usually, snap frames stuff the pictures from the really front, which enables you to change the picture without taking out the frame. They’re good for film posters.

Acid-free poster frames

When purchasing a poster frame, make certain you know whether it is archival or acid-free. Ask yourself in case you have to make use of a poster to beautify the room of yours or maybe you have to utilize one to preserve a piece or a memorabilia of art. In case you would like to put it to use for preservation applications, you need to provide a go to a greater quality material.

Archival Poster Frames

In the event that you would like to protect an artifact, you are able to get your poster frame to a specialist to find out if it’s acid free or perhaps not. By doing this you are able to rest assured that the pictures of yours will be preserved for a long run.


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