The Ferrari 360 Modena Challenge Driving On Track


from Classic to Modern


With this situation, the 360 Challenge was entirely a factory built racer that provided increased range for sizable weight minimization.

It was because of this that it can outperform the street legal variants although power from the exact same 3.6 litre motor was significantly the same.


To be able to minimise excess fat, the interior was removed of all the non essential fitments, like air cooling, interior trim, soundproofing, and electrical powered windows.

As a result, the complete weight was cut down by 320 excess weight, and nevertheless it was nevertheless 300 pounds lighter compared to the 355 Challenge automobile.

The suspension was modified, as well as included adaptable racing dampers.

It retained dried out sump lubrication as well as the 2 Motronic ME 7.3 engine management devices, whilst the exhaust system had just one catalytic converter which helped boost output.

Ferrari performance:

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