The grandfather of Shelby’s Cobra: the AC Ace prototype

A comprehensive Review of The Prototype Ac Cobra Sports automobile, covering historical development, comparisons, features, performance, and technical data of this traditional vehicle

from Classic to Modern

Generation of the Ace carried on with this particular motor until 1961, once the device was withdrawn by Bristol.


In addition, before fitting the 2.6 litre motor, Ac had created a selection of alterations to the Ace chassis in fear of including a still bigger engine, like a 3.6 litre product.

When Bristol announced they will discontinue their two litre motor, it left the Ac Ace likely without an engine.

Having been offered the go ahead by Ac on the proviso that he discovered a good engine, Shelby initially approached Chevrolet.

This particular request was rejected, because Chevrolet felt this would offer unnecessary competition because of its individual Corvette sports automobile.

On the various other hand, Ford was extremely curious, and was keen to become associated with an automobile that would participate with the Corvette.

Later that season, Ford permitted Ac to make use of their new little 221 ci V8 motor.


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