The History and Evolution of Ferrari Dino 206 GT Sports Car

From Classic to Modern

The first Dino was furthermore referred to as the 206 GT, in what “20” referred to the litre capability of the motor, and “6” indicated the variety of cylinders.

It was the very first Ferrari to be made in sizeable numbers.


Because this wasn’t feasible, Fiat agreed to create a sports automobile driven by the V6 device, which they will name the Fiat Dino.

The last production model was launched in 1968.

This human body styling drew much praise as well as, even to this particular day, is actually viewed as a design classic.

An intriguing feature was its little body which was made of aluminium, that had been uncommon because almost all Ferrari’s assembled around that moment used metal body panels.



It was the very first Ferrari to make use of both electric ignition as well as rack as well as pinion steering.


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