The laser tattoo removal process – What you need to know

Step one: Schedule a Consultation


After the size and selection of treatments have been evaluated we are going to determine a per visit cost and can get started on therapy the same day.

The area addressed will be sterilized before treatment. The volume of electrical power (flounce/joules/jcm2) will be decided prior to each therapy along with the area size and healing speed (Hz/hertz)

Step three: Perform the Laser Tattoo Removal

In order to mitigate pain the preferred strategy is absolutely to cool the region during therapy with a medical quality chiller/cooler. The body ‘s response to this change is actually treating the freshly crystallized ink as in case it have been a splinter. The human body forces the crystallized ink sales towards the surface area of the skin causing several of the tattooed epidermis to sluff off. You will find no negative effects on circulatory system or the liver from this process.

Step four: Post Treatment

It’s really typical an all tattoos to get blistering on the very first one or maybe 2 solutions with any kind of wave length, this’s natural and expected. With solutions from the 532nm laser beam blistering will happen following every visit once again this’s natural and expected. The Aguaphore must be used frequently following the remedies for 2 days and until the blistering stops.

It’s essential to always keep the medicated area out of strong sunlight and away from considerable heat resources (Hot tub, sauna, vapor room..etc.) for the very first forty eight hours following the laser therapy as any extra heat will impede the healing progression and will lead to blistering to worsen. Taking showers isn’t a problem.

Not sticking to the prescribed aftercare methods are able to result in reduced effectiveness of the specified treatment. As the laser is actually non-mutating and non-ionizing to cells the only possibility of scaring from the therapy process is actually whether the patient picks or maybe scratches at the treated spot during the healing process.


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