The Meaning Behind Tiger Tattoos and Their Designs

Tigers represent different qualities – virility, strength, power, arrogance, pride, royalty and passion amongst others. Tigers symbolize different things across cultures. But primarily, tigers have a crucial role to have fun in Indian, Japanese and chinese cultures. Because tigers are actually such majestic animals, they’re one of the leading creatures individuals want to have tattooed on with.

Indians believe that several of their gods utilized the tiger to go on from one place to another. It’s a respected animal and it is actually deemed India’s national animal. Those who choose to have tiger tattoos in India optimism to obtain several of their ferocity and majesty into themselves.

They had been feared a great deal in many villages and Vietnam had temples for Tigers while they had been deemed holy there.

Its signify the yang side of items and are actually connected with energy that is powerful. Additionally they think that the it’s the protector of the old, and usually tigers are actually tattooed onto tombstones also as a sign that the soul of theirs will rest in peace right now. Tiger tattoos in Chinese society represent illumination, generosity, protection, energy, power, reverence, and prosperity .

Black Tiger – Governs the bath components of rules and nature during the winter time of year.
Blue Tiger – Governs the earth components of rules and nature during the spring time of year.
Red Tiger – Governs the fire components of rules and nature during the summer time of year.
White Tiger – Governs the metallic components of rules and nature during the autumn season.
Yellow Tiger – Rules each of the above mentioned tigers and is actually symbolic of the sunshine.
Tigers in Japanese Culture


Although they’re hardly ever found in Japan, they play an extremely crucial function in Japanese arts. They received dominance in the Edo phase of Japan, the place that the Japanese males had been struggling to develop a name for these people. Because Japanese artists dint have precise sightings of tigers, the art of theirs may be extremely abstract and different. In Japan, they symbolize dominance, aggression or maybe goal orientation.


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