The Nigerian Movie Industry – The Origin

Here’s an abridged version (yet abundantly enlightening) from 1 of the articles i published about this subject matter.

Nevertheless, the non availability of correct records reflecting the name of the debut movie exhibited has produced a lapse in the precedent inventory.

The veterans with excellent Theatrical abilities and performances that are great took their works beyond the point, and dove into the ocean of film productions with the Celluloid format.

Therefore, the Movie Founding Fathers set about facing the difficulties of recouping the investments of theirs, which gradually became practically an impossible undertaking, an anthem they continuously rendered a lot to the discomfort of prospective financers.

As a result, did the home Video Industry tagged “Nollywood” come out.

Generally there had been a flourishing film industry before he arrived on board, therefore ken could not have started it.
The existing National Film along with Video Censors Board (NFVCB) didn’t exist till 1994.

Ken Nnebue nevertheless insists that his film “Living in Bondage” was the original Home Video film made for business purposes. The stand of his on the material is quite shaky, having just before the generation of Living in Bondage sponsored industrial films in Yoruba language like Ina Ote, Aje N ‘iyami as well as others. Let us keep in mind the barrage of Yoruba Tv dramas which were mass made on Vhs tapes and offered to the general population before 1992.


Individuals, regardless of Nationality, gender, race, and tribe are actually confronted with issues on a daily schedule. Several of these issues are actually of a worldwide nature, while others are actually unusual to different societies. Movies provide individuals the chance of telling the own stories of theirs, totally free from alien interference.


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