The PMDG Boeing 737 NGX – Things You May Not Know It Can Do | How Realistic Is The PMDG 737 NGX Compared To Real Life?


The PMDG 737 NGX is actually a groundbreaking addon for flight simulator X. PMDG have been creating quality software program that is high for flight simmers for some time today. The degree of realism is actually unprecedented and give to a higher level of immerse to one of the favourite previous occasions of mine. You will find 4 1000 pages of info provided with the aircraft. But allow me to share a couple of things that are very awesome for one to check out.

In order to respond to the question of what else could you do in this specific flight sim? It will be much simpler to answer the question what cannot you do? There truly is not much!

What impressed me most will be the degree of detail of the cockpit. Flight simulation has been edging towards this amount of realism as well as detail since it began back in the 90’s. I’ve had the chance to sit down in a few of professional 737 complete motion flight simulations through the years and as comparisons go PMDG in the opinion of mine have got the one spot on.

There’s very much about this particular aircraft which sets it aside from the others it will have a month to go through all of it. So I’d love to list several of the inclusions which I believe make a big effect for the PMDG 737 NGX.


The FMC/CDU selection button. Most likely the greatest enhancement for pilot interaction with the sim. This particular button enables the user to configure businesses like gas, failures, cargo and an entire lot of some other things right from the cockpit, without having to use the FSX selection. This’s a genuine time saver and will change the setup of the aircraft very quickly.

An additional great feature on the Menu button, is actually the choice to change Mode Control Panel sorts. The Boeing 737 has gone through a lot of overhauls in it is time, and the MCP is just one of those items that ha changed on the latest versions. The Menu button also offers a pushback element along with a ground link function, allowing ground power as well as air cooling to be offered without the usage of the APU.

The aircraft systems. Incredible! The aircraft could be set to a dark and cold condition allowing the pilot to actually begin from scratch. There’s a practical battery switch as well as battery check indicator put on the forward overhead panel, as well as the capability to establish the IRS to sometimes last known position or maybe the GPS/Stand job.

There’s additionally the capability to conduct a fire examination check. Something overlooked in numerous earlier versions of the 737. The PMDG design provides for the APU as well as luggage fire check. There’s additionally a completely working lighting test check as well as all faults will likely be lit on the mater caution panel. There’s additionally a TCAS test which could be used coupled with the functioning TCAS process itself.

The GPWS test. You can find to sorts which could be initiated! The long and short test! Sure PMDG have actually incorporated that. The quite short test may be accomplished by pressing the GPWS examination button momentarily. And also the very long test calls for the switch to be depressed for over 2 secs. The test results are actually audible and can replicate the test that the genuine 737 NG will do.

The inclusion of a Head Up Display. This’s a machine that not all airlines have adopted. And as in real life scenarios the HUD will have to be programmed through the air board to provide exact runway info. This particular function is perfect for lower visibility landings and also enables the pilot to maintain his/her eyes through side while getting the vital speed/altitude as well as directional info shown in front of them

The oxygen examination button. Merely a small but enjoyable addition. Located down as well as to the pilots outdoors knee. The switch is actually a tiny circle with a cross on it. By depressing the switch you are going to hear an unique sound of compressed air being published.



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