The Sad Story Of Vincent Van Gogh And His Lovers

The tricks of Van Gogh’s living are actually manifold. The love life of his is just one of those. Lots of people know about his popular paintings like The Potato Eaters and also the Sunflowers, and the tragic life of his, though the love life of his hasn’t often been studied.

Because of his numerous letters – he published hundreds to close friends and specifically to the family of his – we are aware that Van Gogh often fell in love. Regrettably, nearly not one of these loves appear to have been reciprocal.

Let us have a glimpse at the personality of his initially before we briefly talk about the females he loved with all the heart of his. Nothing was essential to him than to dedicate himself completely to producing art. Painting was the mission of his in life. He were living life to the total, being passionate and intense, and completely ready to adjust in case that was the means to achieve the goals of his.

Communication, and adopting the unwritten guidelines of socially appropriate conduct, weren’t the strongest points of his. In the expression of the love of his he went over the top part far more than one time, not taking into account what was found as appropriate.

In the previous weeks of the life of his he wrote he lost faith he’d actually raise a family.

It wasn’t an appealing proposition to live alongside a bad, struggling artist.


The choice of his of females is an intriguing one. His sample was much from regular. The females of his decision were invariably relatively older, as well as marked by life. Usually they were possibly a prostitute or even an ex prostitute, or perhaps an unfortunate, lonely widow. Many females he loved may be seen in his drawings and paintings.

In the Hague phase, when he was frantically active creating a career as an experienced artist, he managed to wreck all of this by falling in like with a pregnant prostitute referred to as Sien Hoornik.


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