The Shawshank Redemption (1994) – Best Movie Ever

The river was searched and absolutely no gun was discovered, which results to Andy currently being found responsible and sentenced to 2 life sentences back again to back.


The warden actually being much more concerned about Andy staying no cost to inform others about his money laundering pursuits so he really wants to ensure Andy continues to be behind bars.

At this particular time, Andy unbeknownst to the fellow prisoners of his and the warden has escaped, that he’d been planning from the start, which will come as a complete surprise. The warden’s main mistake was to allow him have those photos along with a rock hammer.

Andy additionally sends outgoing mail to the media exposing the warden’s crisis and also the death of Tommy at the hands of his. The warden instead of be arrested commits suicide as well as the jail guard, Hadley, (Clancy Brown) that shot Tommy, is actually charged with murder.

Each male facing their own private adversity will often decide to get busy living or even get very busy dying as the story moves and hope will forever be there when individuals do not give up.


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