The Shawshank Redemption (1994) – How to Make the Most of Your Time


Fascinating, that when you’ve absolutely nothing though time on the hands of yours, you are able to come up with quite innovative solutions to seemingly insurmountable issues. Pretty insurmountable, however he spent the time of his in a really strategic and effective manner, constantly with the eye of his on the goal of his of Freedom.

Allow me to share several techniques to try out out:

You will find a couple of ways to make use of the to do list:

1. This strategy is additionally fluid as various projects come as well as go and goals change.

2. Time Chunking: in the calendar of yours, chunk out the time of yours. Literally plan the week of yours. You are able to have a tip from iCal and also have colors that are different for private, health, company. You are able to split business period down further into administrative labor, money/job producing work, innovative brainstorming, and maintenance work.

3. Do you’ve some idea just how much time you use up checking and responding to social media and emails, during time chunks which must be especially for money/job producing work? It is ridiculous.

4. Just Say No: That is the beauty of producing a schedule on the calendar of yours for the week/month. When your good friend asks one to come over and help place his PlayStation collectively, you are able to say no. Blame it on the calendar of yours, but establishing boundaries is a necessity for time management.


There are plenty of methods for time management.

And Action!

1. Create a list of professional and personal drains which are actually causing you to feel confused and time deprived

2. Keep in mind that the greatest barrier in respect to time is actually the electricity invested “spinning” on the drains which are actually on the mind of yours. Pick one or even much more of the five suggestions to get rid of the drains and you will be surprised at just how much added time materializes in the day of yours.


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