The Story Behind the DB1, Aston Martin’s Famous Marque

The Aston Martin DB1 – A good look at this sports automobile such as performance, technical details, characteristics, comparing rivals, past, used prices


The very first sports automobile from Aston Martin came out in 1914.

Connected to a 4 speed semi automatic gearbox, that developed ninety bhp at 4750 rpm.


Generation of the Atom finished in 1944.

It used Girling twelve inch hydraulic drum brakes throughout the round on sixteen inch rims, with worm as well as roller steering.

Unfortunately, the existence of a large 2 seater, drophead styled body, as well as an engine with just modest output, created for an automobile which was underpowered, that had been mirrored in the reality that just thirteen devices of the DB1 had been built.


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