The Top 10 Horror Movies


If perhaps you’re a horror film fan you already know exactly how powerful an encounter these kinds of movies can certainly be. Other “scary movies” keep the fright element throughout the movie. Which films you love is dependent on the own personal tastes of yours but here’s a summary of the top ten horror films of all time in no specific order. These’re large screen incidents that every horror aficionado must find at least once.

1. The Blob

Who is able to forget about this great video which goes back to the 1950s.

2. Jaws

This Steven Spielberg creation still is among the cinema greats and definitely warrants to be mentioned among the top ten horror films of all time.

3. Friday the 13th

This modern day horror film is currently reeling in audience and bringing in brand new fans. Although an entire sequence of Friday the 13th flicks have been created it’s still the first that folks remember best.

4. House on Haunted Hill

This was a film which specialized in creating horror scenes which were much more emotional than visual.

5. The Exorcist

During the 70s several films attracted the fervent publicity this one did. Needless to say this particular sort of gossip just made the film much more well known among the large numbers of horror fans across the globe.


6. Jeepers Creepers

This film formula has been the foundation for a selection of excellent horror films and Jeepers Creepers discovered box office gold among a market consisting largely of young adults and teens.

7. Candyman

It was a 1992 discharge grounded on a story created by horror master Clive Barker.

8. The Sixth Sense

Paranormal activity has constantly been a staple for a lot of horror flicks though this film elevates more sensory perceptions to a novice driver level. The young boy who’s the main character can definitely see and talk to departed souls. For him this’s a traumatic fact because several of these lingering spirits are really “horrific” to look at since the majority of them have suffered a brutal death. The twist for this film is actually the psychologist who’s assisting the younger “medium” deal with his anxieties is additionally one of those departed spirits though the kind hearted psychologist doesn’t yet understand that he’s died. This movie qualifies like a “tearjerker” in addition to being one of the very best horror films of all times.

9. The Blair Witch Project

This particular horror film was released in 1999 and this was developed with a shoestring spending budget. It grew to become a runaway hit although there was very small to determine in the way of special effects or true horror. College pupils, a brand new England town, witches as well as a video digital camera are actually the primary parts of this particular movie. The plot is actually a little disoriented and it’s tough to keep an eye on what’s taking place on screen though the fear factor for this film flew off the chart.

10. Night of the Living Dead

This’s another 60 ‘s white and black horror film which goes on to be popular with viewers. These’re people that are dead individuals who have come back again to life and are actually out to actually devour some humans they find. A little group of people hide in a home and effort to fend off these monsters. This’s one of those horror films that allows the audience use the imagination of theirs which is just one of the reasons that it’s become such a traditional favorite.

You will find a lot of other great horror films for individuals to view and enjoy. Several of the newer films are actually using intense special effects as well as makeup to develop scenes that are intense but true horror buffs understand that what you do not see can usually be a lot more terrifying than what’s captured on camera. The most effective horror films captivate your creativity at the start of the film and enable you to be a part of the activity. Because of technology which is new that it’s simple for horror fans to decide to watch sometimes older movies or maybe new releases.


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