The TVR Cerbera Sports Car Review

An evaluation of the TVR Cerbera Sports automobile, covering development, features that are important, and technical data of this traditional vehicle from Classic to Modern

The automobile was unique in the reality that it was a two two, fixed mind coupe, as well as driven by an engine created and created by TVR themselves.


TVR’s engine that is new, originally designated the AJP8, and later called the “Speed Eight”, was created as a racing motor, with a blend of high power and light weight.

The AJP engines had been first evaluated on the track, along with a works staff was produced to type in the National GT sequence with a Cerbera GT.

The speed 6 design was meant to be a Grand Tourer, instead of a racing automobile.

Although classified as a two two, the passenger seat was created sliding more ahead than the driver ‘s seat, to generate much more space for the individual seated behind the passenger.

Surprisingly, the automobile was begun by pressing a black switch on the dashboard, and watching for the electric diagnostics to interact.


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