The TVR Grantura Mark 3 and 4 Sports Car Review

The TVR Grantura Mark three

In 1963, the Grantura Mark three sports automobile was launched, as well as featured a brand new room frame chassis, created by John Thurner, that supplied extra rigidity and toughness, with coil spring independent suspension throughout the round.

This was a marked enhancement over automobiles built before 1962, that utilized VW based suspension, which gave the automobiles the standing of becoming “bone shakers”.


The wheelbase was improved by 1.5 in, which enhanced stability, as well as developed much more interior room.

The brand new chassis would subsequently create the foundation of that utilized in TVR’s up to 1972.

Though bankruptcy loomed just as before, it had been fortunate that the business was acquired by storage area owner Martin Lilley, that allowed TVR Engineering to recommence creation.


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