The TVR S Sports Car Review


An evaluation of the TVR S Sports automobile, covering development, features that are important, and technical data of this traditional vehicle

from Classic to Modern

To counter disappointing overall market response to the wedge design idea, which had today become more and unfashionable distinctly than because of for replacing, the business made the decision to revert back again to the smoother lines of prior versions.


At the launch of its in 1986, it’d no actual competitors, was keenly listed, and was viewed as each quick and enjoyable to get.

By this particular time, generation at TVR had found a substantial boost to the stage at what the business was creating an impressive 50 automobiles a week.

Generation of the Series one ended in 1988.
This particular design was an improved edition of the Series one, as well as contained a selection of small improvement to the trim, and a few additional refinements, like the inclusion of many 7 spoke OZ alloy wheels.

Nevertheless, this specific refinement needed a bit of modification to the chassis.

A far more conventional walnut dashboard
Chrome bumpers
Delux seats
Electric door mirrors
A substantial uprating of the suspension to create a far more comfortable ride


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