The TVR V8S Sports Car is insane

An evaluation of the TVR V8S Sports automobile, covering development, features that are important, and technical data of this traditional vehicle.

from Classic to Modern

A greater lift camshaft

Redesigned manifold

The breadth of the monitor had been a bit improved, and there was disc brakes on all 4 wheels.

Generation of the TVR V8S finished in 1993 when more than 400 devices had been created.

The two Litre TVR V8S Variant

A small edition of just one device was the two litre TVR V8S sports automobile, specifically created for the Italian market.



Driven by a Rover V8 motor, as well as with moving stunning looks and lines, it ultimately became sidelined to the racing track having been initially earmarked as a generation automobile.

For that reason, to fulfill the industry, the TVR V8S was created, in 1991, as being a stop gap measure before the impending launch of the TVR Griffith, that had been using, at first, exactly the same 3948 cc, V8 motor.

This represents the conclusion of the Review of mine of the TVR V8S sports automobile

I’ll be reviewing in a bit of detail, in future posts within this site, the whole range of TVR sports automobiles which were showcased in the unforgettable era spanning 1946 to 2000+


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