The TVR Vixen Series 1 Sports Car Review


One of the more vital assets which TVR inherited was the outstanding chassis which was put to use in the Grantura Mark three of 1962.

The first chassis integrated a tubular construction which utilized VW elements to create independent suspension throughout the round.

Around this particular time, the vast majority of TVR’s offered in the Uk had been in the type of a system, that intended that the buyer had just to install the car and gearbox to be able to create a completely assembled automobile.

The very first Vixen, designated the Series one, was quite similar to the Grantura Mark four 1800S, that had been in generation after 1958, and which it had been succeeding.


One of its functions was that the back area was in a Manx design, in that the glassfibre frame finished sharply, just beyond the back window.

The very first twelve units had been equipped with the 1.8 litre motor, as utilized in the MGB, to bring down costs.

In addition, the Ford gearbox didn’t provide overdrive as did the BMC product.

This engine was lighter compared to the BMC 1.8 litre product from the MGB, as utilized in the Grantura Mark four 1800S, that resulted in enhanced handling.

Because the automobile was lighter than virtually all of the competitors of its, particularly the MGB GT, this much better not just the relative performance of its, but also its fuel economy.


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