The TVR Vixen Series 2 and 3 Sports Car Review

TVR Vixen Series two

This brand new stretched chassis was initially produced for the broad bodied Tuscan V8 SE variant.

Nevertheless, the gain of this, in phrases of the Vixen, was it provided better convenience in the cockpit region.


This resulted from the reality that the doors were currently bigger, as well as provided greater access for putting in as well as making the automobile, which was a severe damaging element in earlier TVR models.

In 1969, further changes which occurred included:

The rear lights have been updated from the prior circular style, as utilized in the Ford Cortina Mark one, to the more recent wraparound design, from the Cortina Mark two saloon

By the conclusion of 1970, when production finished, sales of the Vixen Series two had reached 438 devices.

TVR Vixen Series three

In addition, this would be the final design to integrate the Thurner created chassis, that had been replaced by a redesigned chassis which was to be utilized in the impending M Series of automobiles.

This chassis was much like the Thurner model, except that the parts used were usually sourced from Triumph.

Perhaps that stroll down memory lane may well have answered, or perhaps at minimum shed light on, a probable question:

Which TVR Sporty car will be your Favourite?


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