The Ultimate Travel Packing: What to Pack for Travelling


This’s what I think about to be items that are essential for any traveler/backpacker. These’re products which I’ve used in my previous travels, as well as have served me very well.


During my first solo traveling experience to Southeast Asia, Japan and Korea, I travelled with a backpack. I’d read that the conveyors in airfields occasionally broke clips from backpacks in case they weren’t properly anchored, and that a number of airlines did not even wish to have backpacks on the airplanes of theirs since they have been a safety threat. I really lost the backpack situation during the training course of the travels of mine, as well as had to resort to wrapping the backpack of mine in dark bin bags and tape to be able to stop the clips from catching airport terminal conveyors. The backpack was pleasant, with some really good cushioned padding. I’d read on a variety of sites that the lighter and smaller the pack of yours, the more comfy the trip of yours will be. This’s very true. It’s not simply about how light the package is perfect for you to carry, but additionally practical explanations like travelling on packed subways and trains with a great wardrobe on the back of yours. The backpack was unbelievably frustrating whilst travelling on hectic subways, as I did not know if, and just how poorly, I was bumping into individuals – though I’m certain that i certainly was! Nevertheless, it was good to have my hands free while I had to purchase tickets as well as carry bags as well as water bottles.


On my next trip to Japan, I chose to ditch the backpack as well as traveling with a medium sized suitcase. Attempting to find the hotel of yours in the busy and humid conditions of Bangkok with your huge backpack isn’t a nice experience. The last clincher is the fact that a suitcase makes you appear a lot more businesslike and professional; a backpack causes you to quickly identifiable as a traveler or maybe tourist, as well as can make you stand out much more. in case I entered a good hotel with the backpack of mine, I would not be provided with the exact same service like I travelled with a suitcase.



It’s usually much better to be secure than sorry. Medical help abroad can cost you thousands in case you don’t have the appropriate insurance, so always read through the insurance policy accurately. When i look for insurance I constantly turn to comparison websites, like moneysupermarket.com. By doing this you are able to evaluate all of the various businesses providing insurance and their relative policies.


Pieces are able to include: various tablets, insect repellent, antiseptic cream, and plasters for everyday travel sicknesses.


I won’t talk at great lengths on clothes, as I think this’s an individual choice and reliant on various people’s needs. Nevertheless, I am going to say that you need to always pack light, as well as consider whether you’ll Actually have to have a product of clothing. At times, I’ve fallen into the capture of packing far in excess of clothing’ just in case’. Whilst travelling in Asia you are able to just pick up cheap apparel, so there’s simply no need to over pack.

In case you’re packing light, you are able to simply clean your clothes a bit more frequently, and you’ll often have to have a washing line for additional room.

Travel Sink Plug

I used it occasionally when i stayed in hostels. In certain budget accommodation you won’t have a sink plug, making shaving hard. The traveling plug is as a result suggested if you’re thinking about staying in spending budget accommodation. Additionally, even though some bigger quality hotels have defective plugs in the bathrooms of theirs, therefore it’s usually an excellent product to take.


Rain Mac

Monsoon rain is actually wonderful, and can certainly simply bring you by surprise and escape you drenched. A bit of rain mac could be scrunched up into a really tiny size and can be easily carried in your daypack.

I at times take this on the travels of mine as it’s different useful devices: a bottle opener, tweezers, toothpick, scissors, numerous knives and screwdriver heads of changing sizes and shape.

Traveling Towels

I suggest having a big traveling towel. These may be folded into an extremely tiny size and then take very small room in the luggage of yours. Additionally they dry quicker compared to regular towels.


I truly do not understand a lot about cameras though I certainly know that you are going to need one on the journey of yours. It is a method of capturing encounters which are not likely in some other way. I just purchased an eight megapixel digital camera in Bangkok – it’s served me very well.


Mobile Phone

It’s a good unit to help keep in touch with some other travelers, but is additionally a safety unit in case you get lost or even in danger. Just be sure you have you charger however, or maybe it is going to become ineffective after a short time.

Backup Sim Card

In case you drop the initial Sim card you are able to simply take another Sim, that are generally free.

Backup Debit/Credit Card

I will have a backup card only in case I lost the main card of mine. If I dropped my main card I can simply stop it and then transport the cash from the main account of mine into my backup bank account via online banking.

Paper and pens

You’ll sometimes have to create things down, like contacts or directions, along with a pen and paper will be very useful. I’d usually travel with a small pen as well as tiny notepad in my daypack so it was simple to get to. You are able to often work with the mobile phone of yours or maybe iPod Touch for this too.

Traveling Adaptors

Travel adaptors are essential in case you wish to charge the iPod of yours or maybe mobile phone. When you understand exactly where you’re going, you are able to discover what converter plug you’ll need. It is going to save you needing to search around in the destination country of yours. Some plugs are cover and all-rounders all over.

iPod Touch

The iPod Touch of mine has been irreplaceable during the travels of mine. By downloading applications that are free via its Wi Fi skills you are able to turn the iPod Touch of yours into a hotel or maybe hostel finder, a currency exchange program, a travel guidebook and a lot more. Nevertheless, I surprisingly discovered that Wi Fi access isn’t so readily found in Japan or Korea, as well as tends not to be no cost in case it’s provided.


I do not really own one of these though they just appear to be a huge iPod Touch. All of the comfort of the iPod Touch becoming a good pocket unit that is very easy to take almost everywhere is lost on this specific unit. But perhaps I’m missing a thing about it.

Travel Guides

I really love reading travel guides and just bring them on the trips of mine. My favorite books have usually been DK Eyewitness Travel Guides. Additionally, the historical areas are useful, well illustrated and a pleasure to read. I’d also suggest Rough Guides and Lonely Planet, that I’ve likewise utilized in the past.

Money Belt

I simply used it as an additional convenient pocket.


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